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Under the command and inspiration of Captain Ballcrusher, Number Two constructed a drink serving automaton using SSS Gagarin Navigation hardware. The resulting android, *D*elivery *R*obot *I*mbibing *N*eat coc*K*tails *B*etween *O*thers' *T*rangressions began official operations in 2461. Drinkbot is a full service adult beverage distribution center, fluent in over six million cocktail recipes. It is programmed to follow four primary directives;

1) Serve the SSS Gagarin
2) Promote libations aboard the SSS Gagarin
3) Protect the SSS Gagarin as Designated Driver
4) Classified

Although the mysterious fourth directive is often speculated to decipher self awareness, Drinkbot is ably engineered by Andrew Wodzianski.